Malyon Facilities Management Pty Ltd takes an integrated and proactive approach to the operational, technical and strategic management of residential, commercial and industrial properties. We are at the forefront of industry trends and best practice, with a clear focus on developing customised, strategic plans to maximise value and return on investment for asset owners.

A leader in commercial sustainability, Malyon Facilities Management prioritises cost-effective solutions while managing complex ongoing relationships with suppliers to ensure an integrated approach to property management.

GOur experience in financial management of assets sets us apart from other building management service providers. We recognise that facilities management encompasses more than administration and professional services. Malyon Facilities Management remains focused on the environmental impact and livability of our clients’ homes while working collaboratively with our clients to deliver outcomes.

Through the key pillars of strategic financial management, sustainable best practice and high quality stakeholder management, Malyon Facilities Management drives value and outstanding results for our clients.

Malyon Facilities Management key areas of expertise are:

  • Strategic financial management
  • Environmental and commercially sustainable best practice
  • Stakeholder management

A snapshot of our key client relationships and the value we provide is below.


Balancing a high volume workflow, effective Strata Managers rely on their Facility Manager to ensure prompt, high quality work with minimal fuss. We have developed strong business process systems and solid industry relationships to achieve this outcome for our clients.

From managing remedial building works, capital upgrade programmes and defect claims, through to maintenance of multiple facilities, we work with our suppliers to achieve the best outcomes for our clients at the best price.

Through working collaboratively with our Strata Manager, we ensure that all client issues are dealt with appropriately and ensure that resolutions are reached quickly, safely and in compliance with regulations.


From occasional asset checks and ad hoc maintenance, to holistic management including preventative maintenance programming, trade liaison, consultant liaison, financial management and project management, our track record has shown an exceptional ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We take the burden off Committee members, whilst providing you with the right amount of information and advice to assist you to make the best decisions for your building.

Baseline services are tailored depending on the varied needs of each client.


We have the practical operational experience to assist developers at all stages of project management, in particular by providing support throughout the initial occupation of a building to ensure the smooth running of all building operations. We have the experience to promptly undertake the development of operations and maintenance manuals, and establish Preventative Maintenance programmes while ensuring quality organisation and retention of this information. From access control systems and resident occupancy, to strata records, building plans and maintenance manuals; we deliver on integration assistance through to record keeping and implementation to ensure our clients have a smooth and positive experience moving into their new residence.