Malyon Facilities Management Pty Ltd takes an integrated and proactive approach to the operational, technical and strategic management of residential, commercial and industrial properties. We are at the forefront of industry trends and best practice, with a clear focus on developing customised, strategic plans to maximise value and return on investment for asset owners.

A leader in commercial sustainability, Malyon Facilities Management prioritises cost-effective solutions while managing complex ongoing relationships with suppliers to ensure an integrated approach to property management.

Our experience in financial management of assets sets us apart from other building management service providers. We recognise that facilities management encompasses more than administration and professional services. Malyon Facilities Management remains focused on the environmental impact and livability of our clients’ homes while working collaboratively with our clients to deliver outcomes.

Through the key pillars of strategic financial management, sustainable best practice and high quality stakeholder management, Malyon Facilities Management drives value and outstanding results for our clients.

Malyon Facilities Management key areas of expertise are:

  • Strategic financial management
  • Environmental and commercially sustainable best practice
  • Stakeholder management